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SMART, SMARTER, and SMARTEST Goals Revisited

In my previous post on the topic of SMART, SMARTER, and SMARTEST goals, I discussed the benefits of crafting goals that are SMARTER than SMART, or, better yet, the SMARTEST goals of all. Since that time, I’ve been asked to provide an example to
illustrate my point, and that is the purpose of this article.
Now, why is it important to take the time to craft a clearly-defined goal before you attempt to pursue it? In the words of Carl Jones, “a goal clearly defined is a goal half attained.”
I’d like to begin by asking you to identify a goal that you’d like to achieve. The goal might be professional, educational, or financial in nature; a goal related to your health and wellbeing, a recreational interest, or hobby; a goal involving your relationships with your significant other, children, other family members, friends, or colleagues; or a goal concerning some other aspect of your life.

If nothing comes to mind, think about a problem with which you’re grappling, where “problem” is defined as a gap between what you have and what you want in a given area of your life; your goal might then involve closing or at least narrowing that gap.

Keeping your goal or problem in mind as we work through the following exercises will provide you with a richer experience.

Exercise 1: Turn Your Problem or Goal into a Question
Exercise 2: Crafting a Goal that’s SMART, SMARTER, or SMARTEST
Exercise 3: Put Your Goal(s) to the “Achievement Test”
Exercise 4: Brainstorming Solutions

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