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“The thing that lies at the foundation of positive change, the way I see it, is service to a fellow human being.” – Lee Iacocca

While improving efficiency, enhancing effectiveness, and achieving work-life balance are common themes among healthcare providers and the organizations for which they work, the means by which these goals are attained can vary widely.

Please contact me to discuss how I can best serve you and/or your organization’s unique needs.

Serving Healthcare Providers by Facilitating:
Workplace Efficiency

“Doing the thing right.”
  • Workplace initiative utilization

  • EMR and schedule optimization

  • Executive function enhancement
Workplace Effectiveness

“Doing the right thing.”
  • Provider-patient collaboration and expectation setting

  • Staff, colleague, and upper management communication

“It doesn’t mean ‘me first,’
it means ‘me too.'”
  • Personal mission/vision/values clarification

  • Stress management strategy identification and utilization

  • Affect regulation

  • Cognitive flexibility/perspective taking enhancement

  • Boundary establishment and maintenance

  • Self-care intentionality/Work-Life integration


Although Linda M. H. Bollé, PsyD, is licensed as a Clinical Psychologist in the State of Massachusetts, her coaching and consulting practice does not include the rendering of psychotherapeutic advice or services. Coaching and consulting do not involve either the diagnosis of mental illness or its treatment, and are not substitutes for professional counseling or psychotherapy.If you wish to inquire about Dr. Bollé’s counseling practice, please email her directly at:

Linda Bollé, PsyD, Coaching & Consulting


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