Terms of Service

Linda Bollé, PsyD, Coaching & Consulting (LBPSYDC&C) is a privately-owned company that provides coaching and consulting services, webinars and workshops, affiliate programs, miscellaneous services, and/or merchandise (Services, Training & Products). In general, Services, Training & Products are available for purchase by LBPSYDC&C Clients, Non-LBPSYDC&C Clients, Site Members, or Subscription Members. Some discounts, exclusive access to, and/or stipulations may apply for some Services, Training & Products.

All rights, access, and benefits that generate revenue, or defined as proprietary property, are strictly reserved for the owner and founder of LBPSYDC&C to use, terminate, expand, and/or implement at LBPSYDC&C owner’s discretion and in accordance with LBPSYDC&C policies, procedures, processes, and as governed by the laws and regulations of the State of Massachusetts, and where federally applicable, the United States Government. Any violation or obstruction of LBPSYDC&C’s and/or its owner’s, staff’s, partners’, and affiliates’ ability to carry out LBPSYDC&C’s mission, or ability to facilitate and implement LBPSYDC&C’s Services, Training & Products, will be subject to legal penalties, fees and actions, pursuant to MA Laws or Federal Laws where applicable.

I. General Terms

A. By signing up for Subscriber Membership, any Site Memberships, or access to any service or training platform hosted by LBPSYDC&C or a third-party working on behalf of LBPSYDC&C, you give LBPSYDC&C permission to call and or email you regarding member services, special promotions, site maintenance or technical issues, upcoming sessions, service reminders, other services and activities that may be of interest or related to LBPSYDC&C business activities.

To opt-out of receiving additional communications related to marketing and promotions, or LBPSYDC&C’s newsletter, please contact me with OPT-OUT or REMOVE in the Message field. Please give us 30-days to remove you from receiving additional communications. You may still receive reminders and service-related communications, even if you opt out of promotional-based communications.

B. We will protect your privacy to the best of our ability. We will not intentionally share your data with third-parties. LBPSYDC&C is not responsible for the privacy procedures and criteria or breech thereof for WIX, PayPal, Facebook, Google, and/or any other providers that you have accesses or use in conjunction with your membership or affiliation type with LBPSYDC&C.

C. Introductory fees, tuitions, costs are ineligible for certain discounts, are temporary, and only apply during an introduction period for any given Service, Training & Product.

D. Discounts cannot be combined or redeemed for cash value.

E. LBPSYDC&C or its designated person reserves the right to make changes to all LBPSYDC&C’s memberships, LBPSYDC&C website and/or webpages, related services, training, products, discounts, and activities without further notice.

F. LBPSYDC&C or its designated person reserves the right to update and make changes to the Terms of Service at any time without further notice. You are responsible for reading the Terms of Service and other policies, and to contact me if you do not understand any terms discussed herewith.

G. All Site Members, Subscribers, clients, or any individuals or entities that want to cancel or delete their account, affiliation, or membership with LBPSYDC&C must contact me to request to cancel or delete their account or relationship in writing.

H. All Site Members, Subscribers, clients, and any individuals or entities that want to opt out of notifications, emails, or other opt-out-based features may do so by opting out according the Opt-Out Procedures listed in those notifications, emails, or opt-out based features. Please give us 30 days to cancel or delete your membership after receiving your request. Failure to request cancellation in writing will lead to a continuation of Site Membership Access, being billed for Site Membership, and receiving notifications and Site Membership Activities.

I. All Site Members, Subscribers, clients, partners, affiliates, or other individuals or entities must first use arbitration as a means to identify and implement a remedy if you and LBPSYDC&C, its owner, affiliates, employees, contractors, or designated person or entity cannot come to terms with satisfying a complaint, problem or concern, excluding illegal infractions or activities. You agree to be governed by the State of Massachusetts business, civic, and/or criminal laws to arbitrate in lieu of filing a legal suit with Massachusetts’ court system.

J. All clients, visitors, Site Members, and Subscriber Members are responsible for reading the Terms of Service and any posted documentation on LBPSYDC&C’s website regarding terms and expectations related to services, policies, plans, products, training, and/or sessions on a regular basis and before making purchases or signing up for activities, events, or memberships.

II. By purchasing LBPSYDC&C’s Services, Training & Products, or Site Membership, you understand and agree to the following:

A. You are responsible for paying in full any invoices for Services, Training & Products that you purchase, and according to your LBPSYDC&C Agreement, to receive those Services, Training & Products that you purchase and our intention to render those Services, Training & Products.

B. LBPSYDC&C can deny Services, Training & Products to anyone for any reason, and as LBPSYDC&C deems necessary for the protection and safety of its business objectives, proprietary systems or procedures and processes, staff, affiliates, partners, employees and/or contractors.

C. LBPSYDC&C will not give a refund under any circumstances for unused, incomplete, and/or partially completed Services, Training, & Products. However, LBPSYDC&C may consider other actions or remedies, such as credit towards another service, and other remedies on a case-by-case basis, if requested in writing by the purchaser of the Services, Training & Products that may be in question.

D. LBPSYDC&C, its staff, affiliates, contractors, employees or owner does not make any guarantee about results, benefits, or opportunities Services, Training & Products may have to any client under any circumstances.

E. You will not hold LBPSYDC&C, its staff, affiliates, contractors, employees, or owner legally or otherwise responsible, or negligent, or liable for damages related to its Services, Training & Products, for any reason.

F. You will contact LBPSYDC&C offices and advise a designated person in writing if you have any problems, concerns, or questions about any Services, Training & Products and/or if you seek a remedy for any reason.

G. Services, Training & Products may be completed or provided by a third-party source. You will abide by the Terms and Services of any third-party source or entity that partners with LBPSYDC&C to provide Services, Training & Products. You will contact said third-party source if you experience any problems, questions or concerns with any Services, Training & Products that third-party source provides, if and where applicable or valid.

III. By joining LBPSYDC&C as a Site Member and accessing benefits, Services, Training & Products exclusive to Site Members on LBPSYDC&C’s website, you understand and agree to the following:

A. You may have access to designated website pages or areas with exclusive access to benefits or Services, Training & Products not available to the general public. Some designated areas may be further restricted, or have different benefits from non-LBPSYDC&C clients, LBPSYDC&C clients, LBPSYDC&C coaches, business partners, affiliates, staff and other individuals who are registered Site Members, based on the membership type and purpose.

B. Different membership types or reasons may have different services, or function, and Site Members may receive different price/fee, discounts, bonuses, benefits, quantity or quality based on Site Membership Type and purpose of membership.

C. You will only access authorized pages and features of LBPSYDC&C’s site and/or company based on your assigned membership type and reason. Unauthorized access to pages or features of LBPSYDC&C’s site or company is a direct violation of our policy. Violation of this policy will lead to immediate termination of your membership, rights, and privileges, with or without notification. You will not be entitled to a refund or credit for Services, Training & Products. If deemed legally negligent or fraudulent by any unauthorized access or activities, you will be subject to all punishments and fines allowable under the State of Massachusetts, and/or the United States Government, and, if applicable, international laws.

IV. As a Site Member, you understand and agree to the following terms:

A. Your Site Membership is not guaranteed, and no member is entitled to a Site Membership or to have Site Member status.

B. Your Site Membership can be discontinued at any time with or without cause or infraction.

C. You Site Membership and access to benefits, Services, Training & Products will be terminated immediately if you violate our Terms of Service or policies.

D. LBPSYDC&C or its designated personnel has the right to change Site Members from a free to a fee-based Site Membership at LBPSYDC&C’s sole discretion. However, LBPSYDC&C will notify Site Members who have provided LBPSYDC&C with a valid email address 30-days before a fee change, if such free-to-fee conversion occurs and/or applies.

E. All posts, images, files, videos, and/or uploads to any designated Site Member areas, or any areas throughout LBPSYDC&C’s website that Site Members implement in any designated area, becomes the property of LBPSYDC&C and can be used without providing the Site Member any compensation or royalties.

F. Any posts reported by another Site Member for being explicitly and/or intentionally sexist, racist, discriminatory, or deemed inappropriate by LBPSYDC&C staff or designated person, will be removed immediately. Two or more violations of this policy will be cause for the immediate termination of Site Membership and access to Services, Training & Products.

G. LBPSYDC&C has the right to ban any former or dismissed Site Member for the duration and longevity that Site Membership may exist or is available.

H. Site Members can request to have their membership deleted or terminated at any time.

I. LBPSYDC&C can deny access and/or Site Membership to any person without notice or cause.

J. Site Members, staff, affiliates, business partners, contractors, employees, and any person who accesses information on LBPSYDC&C’s site, or within LBPSYDC&C’s company, must protect, keep confidential and private any personal data posted by other members, or information posted by LBPSYDC&C, its clients, and/or its affiliates and staff. This means, no spamming or sharing information posted in designated areas without approval or permission of the data or information owner, or unless otherwise indicated in the post.

K. Site Members will not post or share fraudulent information, or participate in any illegal business transactions while using LBPSYDC&C’s site or accessing site pages and features. L. Site Members will not share proprietary LBPSYDC&C information, plagiarize or steal LBPSYDC&C’s and/or other Site Members’ rightfully owned information and/or material at any time.

M. All Site Members will maintain respect for individual Site Members and for the collective Site Membership community; this includes respecting the dignity and best interests of other Site Members and LBPSYDC&C staff, affiliates, business partners, and clients whom Site Members interact with during their Site Membership.

N. Site Membership services, discounts or benefits are not prorated.

O. Site Memberships cannot be shared, and Site Membership Benefits cannot be transferred to other people, entities/businesses or the like for use.

P. Non-eligible and/or non-Site Member discounts, services, coupons or promotions cannot be combined with your Service Membership.

Q. Site Membership is for the duration signed up for and will expire on the expiry date indicated in your agreement. Once your Site Membership expires, you will need to renew your membership plan. The current fees in effect will be applied.

R. Site Members cannot have more than one account. If more than one account is identified on LBPSYDC&C’s or our webhosts’ servers, Site Memberships will be terminated and reinstatement will be unallowable.

V. By signing up and purchasing a subscription service, you understand and agree to the following:

A. When clients sign up for an LBPSYDC&C Subscription Membership Plan, they will be entitled to select Services, Training & Products that offer Subscription Members a 12-month or less plan, with discounts for signing up to make automatic or pre-invoiced monthly installment payments.

B. Services, Training & Products and/or supports may be bundled for the benefit and convenience of Subscription Members, and the cost or price for services and fees may be different from other LBPSYDC&C memberships, plans, and Services, Training & Products.

. C. Subscription Members may receive a set number of coaching sessions, assessments, session- or service-related emails and accountability check -ins according to each Subscription Member’s respective agreement and Service, Training & Products purchased.

D. Subscription members may receive discounts on other eligible LBPSYDC&C Services, Training & Products, where and when available during their Subscription Membership and according to their respective agreement.

E. The Subscriber is purchasing a monthly subscription to enjoy the benefits of discounted services through the Subscriber Membership. The Subscriber Member’s use and access to the Subscriber Membership Page to purchase their membership; this page is subject to the rules and procedures of Linda Bollé, PsyD, Coaching & Consulting (LBPSYDC&C). Subscribers do not own the webpage or login. Subscriber Members are restricted to the services and benefits outlined for their subscription and/or agreement.

F. Subscriber Membership is temporary and must be renewed upon the expiration date indicated in the Subscriber Member’s agreement.

G. Subscriber Members can cancel their membership at any time before the membership expiry date. Once you cancel your subscription, you will no longer receive the benefits and discounts of Subscription Membership. You will need to sign up for a new Subscription Membership Plan to enjoy the benefits of exclusive discounted services and you will receive a new expiration date based on the new Subscription Membership Plan.

H. Non-eligible and/or non-Subscriber discounts, services, coupons or promotions cannot be combined with the Subscriber Membership.

I. Subscriber Membership must be used within the dates the Subscriber Member signs up and the expiration date of the Subscriber’s Membership. You will need to sign up for a new Subscription Plan at the expiration of your current membership. Current fees will be applied.

J. There are no refunds for expired, canceled, missed or unused Services, Training & Products under a Subscriber Membership.

K. Subscriber Membership services, discounts or benefits are not prorated.

L. Subscriber Membership fees can be changed without prior notification. Current members with an effective membership in place will continue in that membership and payment fee schedule until that membership expires, is cancelled or terminated. Once an older Subscriber Membership expires, is cancelled or terminated, and a new Subscription Memberships is purchased, the Subscriber Member will be charged the most current effective Subscription Membership fee and or Service, Training & Products will be applied.

M. Subscriber Memberships cannot be shared by more than one member, and services cannot be transferred to other people, entities/businesses or the like for use. However, Subscriber Memberships can be purchased as gifts for other people, entities/businesses or the like.

N. Each Subscriber Member must have his or her own Subscription Membership Login, which is approved by LBPSYDC&C’s administrator or designated individual. Duplicate memberships will be canceled.

O. Fraudulent and/or unlawful use of Subscriber Memberships will automatically terminate all services and ban terminated Subscriber Members from future services and activities. Legal actions may be pursued by LBPSYDC&C for the unlawful or fraudulent use and/or access of LBPSYDC&C’s Subscriber Memberships, leading to prosecuting and legal suit of the unlawful and/or fraudulent person and/or user according to federal, state, and/or local laws.

P. LBPSYDC&C, its administrator, or designated individual have the right to cancel Subscriber Memberships for any reason at any time. Members will be given a minimum of three (3) days’ prior notice to the email address listed for the member or client upon any Subscriber Membership cancelation related to Subscriber Membership expiry or Subscriber Memberships canceled voluntarily by a member. Members who are terminated due to unlawful or fraudulent use of the Subscriber Membership and/or LBPSYDC&C-related services will be terminated immediately and without prior notice. LBPSYDC&C is not responsible for terminated or canceled Subscriber Membership notifications that are not read or email notifications that are not delivered due to technical issues, incorrect emails on file, inactive emails on file, or non-working emails on file.


Administrator An individual with rights to LBPSYDC&C’s site to publish, edit, update, and manage users. There are different Administrator types and roles.
Affiliate Any entity or individual who receives a bonus or compensation for referring, endorsing and/or promoting LBPSYDC&C’s Services, Training & Products
Coach Site Member A coach who has purchased exclusive access to site pages designated for coaches and who will have access to booking and calendar features on LBPSYDC&C’s website. Coach Site Members will have the same rights and access as Free Site Members and Paid Site Members, with additional limited rights to LBPSYDC&C’s back office components as it relates to booking appointments with other Site Members and/or writing blog articles, in accordance with the coaches’ agreement with LBPSYDC&C.
Contractor An individual who is contractually designated, working for LBPSYDC&C on a contract and/or per-project basis, full- or part-time. The Contractor will be set up as a 1099 Contractor. LBPSYDC&C will not collect taxes from contractors.
Eligible discounts, events, Services, Training & Products (Eligible Offerings) Any LBPSYDC&C offering that is designated eligible. Eligible offerings cannot be combined with other offerings. These items may be subject to some restrictions. The value of eligible offerings is subject to the terms and conditions set by LBPSYDC&C.
Employee An individual who is legally and contractually designated as a W2, full-time employee on LBPSYDC&C’s payroll.
Free Site Member Site Member who must login to LBPSYDC&C’s website to access free Services, Training & Products. Site access and benefits are restricted to only designated pages for those who have the Free Site Membership type.
LBPSYDC&C Linda Bollé, PsyD, Coaching & Consulting
LBPSYDC&C Proprietary Property Any material, documentation, software, applications, images, videos, social media profiles, clients, data, systems, processes, procedures, personal or professional information not otherwise shared with the general public, in writing or otherwise, and is the sole ownership of Linda Bollé, PsyD, Coaching & Consulting or its founder, and is protected by a Non-Disclosure/Non-Compete Agreement, and/or Confidently Agreement between LBPSYDC&C or its owner/founder and employees, affiliates, contractors, partners, or other individuals or entities.
Non-Eligible discounts, events, Services, Training & Products (Ineligible Offerings) Any LBPSYDC&C offering that is designated ineligible. Ineligible offerings cannot be combined with eligible offerings. These items are subject to restrictions.
Paid Site Members A client, affiliate, partner, or general member who has purchased access to exclusive Services, Training & Products. Paid Site Members will have access to the same site pages as Free Site Members, and additional Services, Training & Products which are exclusive to that member and according to his/her membership agreement.
Partner Any entity or individual who shares and carries out LBPSYDC&C’s mission, values, and objectives.
Services, Training & Products Any service, discount, promotions, events, training, products, and/or access to the platforms thereof, and also considered “offerings” that LBPSYDC&C provides.
Site Member Any individual who signs up to access member pages on LBPSYDC&C’s website. There are different membership types with different access and roles.
Subscriber Member A purchaser or paid user of Linda Bollé, PsyD, Coaching & Consulting, Subscriber Membership.
Subscription Membership Plan/Subscriber Membership A plan that includes a set number of specific Services, Training & Product items, which are bundled together, that a Subscriber Member agrees to pay for over a specific time period in the form of automatically-debited or pre-invoiced installment payments.

Created: 09/01/2022
Revised: 09/01/2022
In Effect As of: 09/01/2022


Although Linda M. H. Bollé, PsyD, is licensed as a Clinical Psychologist in the State of Massachusetts, her coaching and consulting practice does not include the rendering of psychotherapeutic advice or services. Coaching and consulting do not involve either the diagnosis of mental illness or its treatment, and are not substitutes for professional counseling or psychotherapy.

Linda Bollé, PsyD, Coaching & Consulting


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